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International Investigative Group, Ltd. is "Named as One of the Top 15 Private Investigators in the US."    

Providing the highest quality Personal Protection Services, Executive Protection services, Celebrity Protection, Private Investigations and Security Services for over 18 years!! 

International Investigative Group, Ltd. is a Licensed Private Investigation Agency and SecurityServices Provider with its headquarters in New York and offices in Boca Raton, FL; Los Angeles, CA; Tel Aviv, Israel and London, England.
Our references are Impeccable!
  • Celebrity Protection
  • Executive Protection
  • Dignitary and VIP Protection
  • Movie Premiere Security
  • Special Events Security
  • Location Film Shoot Security
  • Domestic and ForeignTravel
  • High Value Item Protection
  • Residential & Commercial
  • Private Aircraft and Yacht Security
  • Armed Chauffeurs
  • Multi Ethnic - Male and Female

We provide our clients with the most presentable and trained, former law enforcement agents to be their Professional Bodyguard. Our Professional Bodyguard is a Bodyguard with the utmost discretion. We can assign a Male or Female Celebrity Bodyguard or VIP Body Guard that can blend into any event or environment. Our Bodyguard Services are utilized by Executives, VIPs, Stars of Stage and Screen, Movie Studios, Art Dealers, Jewelers and Major Insurers.   

Whether you need Bodyguard Services for Travel in the US or Anywhere in the World, our renowned agency will provide you with a single Professional Bodyguard or a Team of Bodyguards to protect you. Don't leave your safety to chance with an untrained amateur. Our Celebrity Bodyguard and VIP Body Guard is a knowledeable and experienced, veteran law enforcement professional. Skilled in every aspect of Personal Protection and Security. Not just a Bodyguard, but a Professional Bodyguard, you can rely on!


  We are uniquely qualified to assist you with all your Private Investigation and Bodyguard Security needs GLOBALLY.
  International Investigative Group, Ltd. provides our Celebrity, VIP, Corporate, Legal and Insurance clients with Threat and Risk Assessments.
  Stalkers, Workplace Violence, Disgruntled Employees, Hostile Terminations, Security Consulting, Safety and a host of other security related services.


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